11 Nov 2015


Here is the photocell ZOOM Z2E,
the reliability included in a new box




We wanted to extend our success in creating an in the box, Sweeter line , Double cover  and easy to assemble Photocell. The oval style makes for a tender and elegant appearance, The technical details are suitable in a standard installation but with the shape of its curves allow it to harmonize with modern buildings. The right choice for those looking for safety combined with elegance and fine design. It belongs to the Zoom family because the main characteristics of the photocell remain at  Zooms continual high standard.


Power Supply Vac/dc 12/24
Range up m 20/30
Operating temperature °C - 10 ÷ + 60
Consumption TX mA 25
Consumption RX mA 35
Output relay max 500mA 48Vac/dc
Waterproof  IP55 EN 60529
• Dimensions mm 46x90x29


... Strong and elegant


Infrared modular surface mounted photocell with solar filter and protection against electro-magnetical interferences, with synchronisation and it is always reliable. It’s a new addition to ZOOM’s family for a maximum security level in the automatic and in substance, we use first-quality polycarbonate which doesn’t damage and it preserves the brilliance of our  new product. It can be installed surface or in columns.