ZOOM-Z2E restyle

20 Oct 2015


We present the new ZOOM Z2E
with amazing technical performances




Italians say “ You never change a winning team “
That’s why in NOLOGO we take continuously take care of our photo-eyes
We check and we check again
Rain, Wind, snow and sun .. there is no problem for them
Ready to do their job seriously and professional  
Years are passing by and the photocells  are always young and careful
And as  you never change a winning team ,
We decided only to dust them
We change the cloth and above we put a pair of  glasses with  performing lens
To the Great Old Zoom family


Power Supply V ac/dc 12/24
Range up mt 35/40  mt
Operating temperature    °C -10 ÷ + 60
Consumption TX mA 25
Consumption RX mA 35
Contact relais max 500mA 48Vac/dc
Ip Protection IP55 EN 60529
Dimensions mm 46x90x29 


... The unbreakable


Infrared photocells with solar filter and protection against electro-magnetic interferences  with synchronisation and very reliable
It always the same photocell but we get it better and , in substance, we use first quality polycarbonate that never damage and it keep its brightness . The range up  has been increased and the infrared ray is focused in that special lens that
make the photocell more awake and careful.